Introduction to Apitherapy


Products from the beehive have been used for millennia by humans for health and medicine. There is growing interest in how bee products can be used and why they are so effective. In the modern day, considerable scientific effort is going into studying this phenomena and this course provides a general introduction into what is understood about the various bee products.

To study this course you may choose to submit 2X 2000 word assignments from your choice of subject, or a 4000 word thesis on the subject of your choice from the course. Assignments will be submitted directly to the Course coordinator and assessed for quality and originality in their content. Details of the assignment rubric are attached to the assignments page. An Apiuniversity Diploma certificate will be issued to students on completion of the course requirements.

Additional courses are in development and will come online in the near future.

Course Content:

  • Bee Products and their therapeutic applications
  • Bees in Prehistory
  • Bee Products for Health and Nutrition
  • Botanical Origins of Medicinal Bee Products
  • Medicinal honey- A Rich Diversity of Benefits Internationally
  • Medicinal Benefits of Honey- Antibacterial
  • Medicinal Benefits of Honey- Wound Healing
  • Medicinal Honey of the World- Argan
  • Medicinal Honey of the World- Tualang
  • Medicinal Honey of the Word- Pine Honey
  • Medicinal Honey of the World- Acacia Honey
  • Assignment 1- Medicinal Honey from Various Countries
  • Propolis- Background and Pharmacological Modes of Action
  • Different Varieties of Propolis from around the World
  • Propolis- effects of Propolis on Cancer
  • Antioxidants and polyphenols identified in Propolis
  • Assignment 2- Pharmacological actions of bee propolis
  • Bee Venom- History and Therapeutic Applications
  • Bee Venom- Method of Action - Immune Boosting
  • Bee Venom Treatment for Arthritis
  • Bee Veonom and Chemotherapy
  • Anti-cancer effects of Products Other Than Bee Venom
  • Neurogenerative Diseases and Mental Health
  • Bee Venom for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease
  • Bee venom for the Treatment of Arthritis
  • Bee Venom for Dermatological Applications
  • Apitherapy for Lyme Disease
  • Apitherapy for Fertility
  • Bee Pollen and Bee Bread
  • Apitherapy for Animals- Veterinary Applications
  • Royal Jelly
  • Apitherapy in China
  • Beehive Air Therapy
  • Assignment 3 Bee Venom and its Pharmacological Applications

Introduction to Apitherapy Course

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Introduction to Apitherapy